1000 : MODEL 1000 - HUMAN HAIR
“The Perfect Thickness Poly Base”
The impression of hair growing from the scalp is achieved by individually Loop-Vented hair hand-tied into this Transparent Polyurethane base.  The V-Loops simulate a natural hair growth pattern that looks and acts like real hair.  The soft, pliable base conforms to the contours of the head for a perfect fit every time.  Uncut, six-inch hair length is excellent for longer hairstyles, or for the stylist who prefers to cut and style in the salon.  The Model 1000 is a great choice for the hard-to-please customer.

Base Material:  12 Gram Poly with Vent Holes 
Base Size:  6” x 9”
Style:  Part-Anywhere Pomp
Hair Length:  6” Uncut
Wave:  25mm Natural Wave
Density:  100%
Venting:  V-Loop Throughout

Hair:  100% Human Hair  


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