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The unique poly fingers of the Euro Bond make this Lace system the easiest Lace Front you will ever use! Tape is “Easy on”…..Tape is “Easy off"….. The all True Lace base is individually hand-tied with Indonesian single split knots throughout.  The knots at the front hairline are bleached, resulting in the most undetectable and natural appearance possible…from anywhere!
Base Material:  True Lace with Poly Fingers in Front 1-1/2” Thin-Base Size:  7” X 9”

Style:  Free Style     Hair Length:  4-1/2”
Wave:  25mm Natural Wave  Density:  85-90%
Venting:  Single Split Knot V-Loop in Poly
Hair:  100% Human Hair with Synthetic Grey

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The first multiple-application Lace hair replacement on the market.  No matter what type of application you use, whether it’s Tape, Liquid Adhesive, Clips or Perimeter Bonding, the Derma Lace will work for you!
 Double-layer Lace makes the Derma Lace the easiest Lace system sold today.
Base Material: Lace with 1” PU Thin Coating
Base Size:  7-1/2” X 9-1/2”Style:  Center Crown

Hair Length:  5” in 6” Wave:  25mm Natural Wave
Density:  85%

Venting:  Single Split Knot
Hair:  100% Human Hair with Synthetic

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