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The New Lace 2 is our latest addition to compliment our well-balanced line of Lace systems.  Its unique and durable design gives you the versatility to use Lace Tape or Lace Adhesives without stressing the TrueLace material. 

Bleached knots at the front of the system give this model the most undetectable front hairline on the market. 

Base Material: TrueLace Front with TrueLace + E2 Center and E2 only in sec. 2, 4, 6

Base Size: 7-3/4" X 10-1/4"

Style: Free Style

Hair Length: 4" in sec. 1, 2, 3 / 4-1/2" in sec. 5 / 5" in sec. 4, 6

Wave: 30 mm Natural Wave

Density: 85%

Venting: Single Split Knot

Hair: 100% Human Hair with Synthetic Grey