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 New Poly II for Women

Base- All thin skin base. Breathable holes in center. Application Type- Full Head or Perimeter Bond. Daily Wear. Size 8" x 10", can be cut down to any size. Hair Type-Human hair, gray is synthetic. Length - 12” Density - Medium minus 5% ,   Style - Freestyle 

 Type: 100% Human Hair, Grey is synthetic Length: 14" Wave Pattern: Slight wave throughout , Density: Medium density, Style: Freestyle. Fine mono base, 1" poly coating in front ,1" poly coated cutaway frontal hairline, 1 1/2" poly coated edge blending to 3" in back. Stitched cutaway lines. Ladies recession Size: 7"x9" can be cut down to any size 

Mirco Lace 6x8 size 12" long 

Lady Angela Units

Hair systems for women